1. Last night’s figures

  2. Last night’s figures

  3. Tonight’s figures

  4. Parts, part 2

    Guess what I’m making now? (Hit “ask me now” to guess.)  This is most of the hardware I’ll need for this project.  Not shown are various knobs, bolts and some cable or nylon rope.

  5. Tonight’s figures

  6. Dial indicator held by a magnetic base to check for runout.  The chuck collar was showing 0.0036” (thirty-six tenths) variation on rotation.  That’s OK for the collar, but would be unacceptable for a bit in the chuck.

  7. Parts, part 1

    Guess what I’m making this time?

    Stainless steel wire rope, thimbles and clamps.

  8. Tonight’s figures.

  9. Hit the “ask me anything” link to vote on the cloth.

  10. Don’t use this micrometer too often in the woodshop.  It can measure to 0.0001”, but it’s only repeatable if you work on making your touch really consistent.